Posted by: Joy | September 23, 2012

2012 Recap and Wrap-up

Since December 2011, when I last posted on this blog, I’ve been, well, living. In addition to work, here are some highlights:

January: I went to the other Washington for a LC internship. It was crazy, and amazing, and possibly the last time I leave my normal life to do something like that for a long, long time.

February: I came home, enjoyed a visit from my dad, one of my sisters, and my adorable 18 month-old (at the time) nephew; and had a birthday.

March: C had a birthday, big conference I’m on the board for, weekend trip to SF for my BFFs b-day.

April: Visited with family, really busy with work, kayaking with C.

May: Traveled to LA with my nana for my cousin’s HS graduation,

June: Followed the LA trip with one to Hawaii to visit BFF for a couple weeks of relaxation and island hopping to three of the islands. Seattle Pride.

July: Marked seven years with C and traveled to Cancun with C to celebrate and attend the international conference.

August: Kidney stones knocked me out for a week, attended an NVC workshop with C.

September: Juice cleanse; friends came to visit and we went to both Portland and Vancouver; visited my nana before she moves to Central Oregon.

On the horizon: another set of friends visiting, lots of NVC and anti-racism work, and next steps toward some future big endeavors.




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