Posted by: Joy | November 24, 2011


For my 28th year, I’ll share my 28 top things that I’m thankful for (right now, this minute):

  1. family — especially C and our dog, Kai, but also my extended, loving and dramatic bunch
  2. health — especially now that I feel so good, am 40 lbs lighter, and have the best body image I’ve had since I was 12
  3. home — that we have one at all, but especially my kitchen and bedroom
  4. work — challenging, fulfilling, and pays the bills
  5. travel — upcoming Whistler in two weeks, meditation retreat in four, and D.C. for the month of January
  6. being able to live openly with the woman I love
  7. hope for greater equality, and movements such as this and this
  8. education — mostly LC and occupational safety related, no matter the topic, I love learning
  9. fresh produce — especially local, organic apples, kale and pumpkins
  10. favorite local market and year-round local farmers’ markets — I know this isn’t the case everywhere and for everyone
  11. juicer — 80 days of keeping me (non-traditionally) nourished
  12. willpower — it’s so impressive and empowering (and I want to read this book)
  13. community — both in-person and online
  14. the internets — especially pin.terest and Go.ogle Reader
  15. being able to keep in touch with friends who live far away
  16. my laptop and its protective gear — new this year and yet still so exciting
  17. freedom of speech and news accounts that remind me of the right and fight for it daily
  18. some new clothes – smaller sizes, better fitting, more flattering
  19. re-prioritizing — I’ve recently re-evaluated and scaled back on some commitments (and it feels really freeing)
  20. trying new things — on the horizon are snowboarding and the trapeze
  21. cooking — even though I’m not partaking in the product, I enjoy the process and look forward to doing even more of it soon
  22. that my wife thinks I’m skinny and doesn’t mind that I wear nightgowns at home a lot
  23. self-care practices and guilty pleasures — the fun and healthy kind
  24. watching television and movies on the computer — I literally can’t remember the last time I watched television live or thought about the time in relation to my entertainment choices
  25. the OCM – cheap, works and it’s like a mini-spa-treatment: win-win-win
  26. flannel sheets for colder weather
  27. a shopping app on our phones that allows us to add and sync and I can check while I’m at the store – no lists to lose
  28. our first (and maybe only) Thanksgiving just the two of us (well, three if you count Kai, which we do) which was even better than I expected


  1. Still waiting for a recent picture of your new and improved self 😉

  2. Will do.

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