Posted by: Joy | June 17, 2010

Hawaii, Part 1

After the spa day, I ended up going to bed late and only getting a few hours sleep before I needed to get up to head to the airport for my early morning flight. The spa day was actually a spontaneous addition to the original plan that included my mom taking me to the airport and taking Kai home with her for the week (Christine is in the bay area for the weekend and therefore we need a dog sitter). I arrived at the airport an hour before my flight but due to some security issues (long lines, lots of families, being redirected multiple times) I just barely made it on my plane. I was able to naps a bit on my flight down to SFO and then had an hour stop–just enough time to get a breakfast sandwich, eye mask and gum that I forgot–before catching my connecting flight to KOA (Kona International Airport).  The flight from San Francisco to Kona was felt long and my attempts at sleep, while thankfully supported by my new eye mask, where interrupted. I dozed off and on and realized that I must have been really cranky tired or “getting old” because I’ve done much longer flights without feeling disgruntled. Thankfully, I had a window seat and only one very nice row companion (a cowboy no less). I reminded myself  how much I enjoy traveling,  that I’m privileged enough to have the time and money to make this trip and that I flying over the ocean (two of my favorite things).

Arriving in KOA, I was greeted by my best friend D (BGF D) who was hanging out at the airport after arriving on an earlier flight from OAK where he was “visiting the mainland,” including our home town, Seattle and San Francisco. D and his partner R have lived in Hawaii for the past year since R transferred here. R, on a break from work, picked us up and drove us to downtown Kailua-Kona. After a near centipede bite (first lesson on this trip: watch for centipedes) and a change of clothes (it’s hot and humid here) D and I walked around. It always amazes me that in a matter of hours I can go from the (cold, rainy) Northwest to somewhere completely different, in this case a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific. Our afternoon consisted of a walk along the shore, shaved ice (mango, coconut and lemon/lime), the farmers’ market and eating fresh fruit (“apple bananas” and rambutan) as an afternoon snack while people watching.

This is what it looked like near our fruit picnic spot. Not my photo, my camer was in R's car.

R picked us up after he got off work and we stopped at Costco for some food. Hawaiian Costco is much like ours except a lot of things are more expensive and they carry pumpkin pie in June (of course, we had to get one). We headed to D & R’s place–a lovely condo (on a golf course!),; it’s so funny to me that they live here–then walked to the local market for some bubbly water and last-minute additions. We made a lovely dinner of salad with chicken and chevre, fresh avocado and lovely bruschetta which we ate on the balcony lanai at sunset. They live in Waikoloa Village, where it is a bit cooler, much less humid and more breezy than Kona. It is gorgeous here and I’m so glad to have this time with friends, to relax and celebrate being done with school.

The view from their lanai, with the ocean and Maui in the distance. D's photo taken previously.



  1. oh my goodness. i am so jealous. sounds lovely, looks incredible!

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