Posted by: Joy | June 10, 2010

wrap up

Yesterday, after a late night at the university library, a few hours of sleep, a laptop hard drive failure, reconfiguring a thank-god-for-google-docs back-up copy, writing, writing, short, nap, writing, I sent off a (near final) draft of my thesis to my advisor and second reader before a quick dinner with C and rushing off to teach newborn care for the last class of my 7-week cbe series. It went splendidly and I arrived home able to relax (until I receive my last round of advice for revisions tonight/tomorrow). At 5pm tomorrow I’ll be done with graduate school and the cap, gown and hood (MA’s get weird hoods) will no longer just hang it the spare room but be put to use.

Weekend run down: Saturday teaching labor and birth most of the day and then evening with family. Sunday is full of the actual commencement, a big program party on the lake, a big family dinner and the beginning of life beyond academia (at least for the forseeable future).
Posts to come that are not frantic and actually talk about how much I enjoy my life, including some picture posts from Hawaii next week.



  1. Congrats!!

  2. yay! you rock! congratulations!!!

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