Posted by: Joy | June 4, 2010

bright spots

These last few weeks have been some of the more intense in my life, and that is saying a lot. I’ve moved more times than I can count, planned a wedding (well, three iterations of what was finally our wedding), completed intensive doula trainings (the week before said wedding no less), sold and bought and moved and renovated a home…but finishing graduate school, while teaching three child.birth ed.ucation series and overnighting as a ppd and interviewing with prospective clients and keeping my relationship functioning and trying to care for myself (body, mind, etc), this my friends is something that even I will admit is a bit too much, well almost. My body agrees as evidenced by the first signs of dark circles I’ve had in months and the end of a cycle that included delayed ovulation and a freakishly short luteal phase.

The bight spots have included the local wnba season opener, good evals in my first of three series that ended last Saturday, some amazing fruit, a clean home, a (short) visit from my best friend (who I will be visiting in Hawaii the week after graduation), and then last night an impromptu date with C that included thai, queer slam poetry and Molly Moon ice cream.

Bleary eyed after another night of not enough sleep, prepping for tomorrow’s Labor and Birth class, I just took a short break to read a couple blog posts. I was delighted to read that a couple of my favorite bloggers, over at figboilerwelcomed their son William into the world. I love reading about the births of babies who’s conception I followed. Congratulations figboiler family!

Also, a delayed congrats to the Offering of Love folks on their recent baby #2 BFP!

I’m reading sporadically, commenting even more so, but I am thinking of you all, especially those of you who are waiting for your ultimate bright spot.


Your sleep-deprived almost MA grad



  1. Does this mean that Wonder Joy is going to have some down time coming up? Could it be?

    I’m glad all of your hard work is paying off and hope you get a little bit of time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Enjoy Hawaii!

    Oh and, mmmmm Molly Moon. Yum.

  2. wow, you are *busy*! im impressed by all you have going on & concur w/poppy that some down time sounds like a good idea! and Hawaii sounds like he perfect spot to do it!!! 😉

    thanks for the congrats!!

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