Posted by: Joy | May 13, 2010


1. I find it highly amusing that someone came to this blog via the search “blueberry waffle pussy.”

2. A presentation of my thesis during a culminating programmatic conference is next Friday.

3. I have not finished said thesis, let alone the presentation for it.

4. C and I are making major improvements in our communication, connection and commitments to our relationship.

5. I love teaching. I’m teaching 2 cbe series right now and love it. trainer training may be on the horizon.

6. I love my work. I have three birth clients and 2 postpartum in various stages of the process. It’s challenging and rewarding.

7. Today I got a(n ab) massage, a splurge item, a parking ticket and an amazing ice tea.

8. C’s meeting me for Thai and Maybe Baby (maybe followed by a queer poetry slam) tonight.

9. I’m going to Hawaii for a week after graduation.

10. We’re in the planning stages for our fall 2010 Europe trip and talking about a spring 2011 New Zealand/Australia trip.



  1. Good luck on your presentation next week! This post made me smile (minus the parking ticket – sucks!) I’m glad you’re enjoying teaching so much.

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