Posted by: Joy | April 18, 2010

a lot

A lot has has happened in the last few weeks since our return from OKC. I’ve been trying to catch-up with live (especially school) while also dealing with some new curve balls. While I don’t think I’ll go back and fill-in much of the details, I do want to capture today and try to capture life, more fully, over the next few weeks. Most of this will not have to due with the original purpose of this blog (queer family planning) so feel free to tune-out until further notice, or follow along as you see fit.

Today I hung out with OFD. He is being incredibly supportive to me right now and it was the perfect day to spend some time together. The weather was amazing and I met him at his home for a Sunday brunch on the deck with a bunch of his housemates and their guests. Good conversation about progressive places to live was followed by a tour of the gardens/grounds and then he and I left to go kayaking.

Being on the water, in the sun, with a good friend was the perfect way to spend the afternoon. We went across Lake Union, had an on-the-water-avocado-picnic and then made a big loop back to drop of the kayak. Outdoors, exercise, conversation and support are nice ways to fill an hour and a half. After returning to his place he painted while I wrote the outline for my last programmatic reflection paper and then I headed home with a stop for Chinese food on the way. I’m not sure how or why, but Chinese food has become my comfort food–well, that and most carbs, but that’s another post entirely.

Once home C and I had a quiet dinner and then I got ready for my overnight. I decided to lie down for a but since I had a headache–most likely due to my low food intake during the day followed by a good-sized dinner, but quite possibly also due to the sun and the existence of some lingering paint fumes from C’s painting one of the closets today. C joined me and gave me a neck and scalp massage which was lovely and then I headed off to my ppd overnight gig.


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