Posted by: Joy | December 24, 2009


Last night as C and I were falling asleep she mentioned that she doesn’t want to leave the house for the long holiday weekend. I’m pretty sure this has more to do with security than love of our new home, but either way we agreed to come home Saturday instead of Sunday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family–especially my nana who we haven’t seen in a while–and even though I’m not a big Christmas person, I always enjoy holidays with my family. That’s not to say that if C had asked to stay home all together I wouldn’t have been tempted to agree. As it is though, I’m glad we’re going, I know we’ll enjoy ourselves and I have secret reason for wanting to be up there tomorrow morning.


Today I’m working from 9am-2pm in a very quite building on a very quiet campus. There’s only one other person in the office and hardly anyone else in the building. I’m looking forward to getting home and packing and tidying before C gets home. I had the notion to go to the fabric store to use a coupon that expires today, but I don’t want to delay getting on the freeway as I’m already anticipating sitting in some traffic on the way North.


The quiet is conducive to allowing my mind to wander…to years past and loved ones. I’ve been thinking about those who cannot be with us this holiday season–those who have passed on and those who are far away. It makes me want to hold tight those who are close.
To those that celebrate, Merry Christmas.



  1. Hope you two had a perfect holiday!

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