Posted by: Joy | November 16, 2009

pushing through

I’m sick. I woke up yesterday with a scratchy throat and by evening it was a full-blown husky voice, uncomfortable to breathe/swallow, congested mess of a sore throat/head cold. C was cute in her offers to help and cheek kisses while obviously not wanting to catch it. While she needs space when she’s sick, I miss my cuddles. Usually, when one of us is sick we sleep apart; but the living room (current-but-not-for-long “guest room”) is full of boxes waiting to be loaded up on Friday. So we slept in the same bed and I did my best to give her space–knowing that 3 feet vs the usual one is most likely not going to stop germs from spreading. Actually though, she slept and I tossed and turned, re-propped my pillows and was unable to sleep deeply thanks to needing to burp every few minutes after swallowing air when I tried to clear the perpetual lump in my throat. Lovely.

I woke up to a call from the escrow office assistant to schedule signing our real estate documents prior to closing on Friday.
Then I called LNL to reschedule our noon session. No need to get my pregnant acupuncturist sick.
I spent most of the morning resting in bed, watching tv shows online and drinking hot water.

Kai cooperated (for the most part) in my giving him a bath and soon I’ll be doing last-minute prep before heading up North for the night. This is another personal trip with a work-related bonus. There’s a grad fair in the same town my family lives in and I’ll be representing my program’s office as a recruiter. This fits well with my need to take Kai up there before Thursday night/Friday moving day. So Kai and I will head up this afternoon, spend the evening with family and then I’ll put in my four hours at the fair tomorrow. I get to count drive time as work time and get mileage reimbursement. Win-win.

When I get home tomorrow evening I’ll head to a public lecture that my core class is attending and then home to finish as much packing as possible before bed.
Wednesday we’ll both get off work early to go to the signing and then home to finish up packing and cleaning.
Thursday afternoon C’s best friend N arrives. I’ll pick him up from the airport and drop him off at home before heading up to work for the monthly evening info session. They’ll spend the evening together and on Friday morning we’ll move out.

I just need to take care of myself and push through. Four more days and we’ll be in our new place.



  1. I’m impressed that you even try to keep quarantine from your spouse. Jenny and I decided long ago that there’s no point – the germs are all over the house anyway, and it’s up to the other person’s immune system to decide who gets sick.

    I hope you feel better in time for the move!

    • I feel similarly, but if it makes Christine feel better for me to stay away, I like to try. When she gets sick I stay away not because of the germs but because she likes the space.

  2. I hope you feel better soon, you have a big week coming up 🙂

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