Posted by: Joy | November 9, 2009

Decor Decisions

Sheesh. This home-selling/home-buying/moving preparation thing is crazy!

Our inspection on Friday 11/30 went well. All the major stuff (plumbing, electrical) has been updated, but there’s still quite a list of things we want to do after closing. We requested a couple things from the sellers, and they agreed to them. So now we’re just pending until closing on the 20th.

I also made arrangements with my dad to come up and help us out with our To Do list. This is quite a list, but he has experience doing all the things we want to do and it will be a nice opportunity to catch-up with him for a week from 11/20 through 11/27, including Thanksgiving.

We’re going to be painting nearly every internal wall, removing the carpet, refinishing the hardwoods upstairs and installing new flooring (bamboo downstairs and marm.oleum in the kitchen and bathrooms). There are also a number of odd jobs (replacing cabinet fixtures, insulating pipes, maybe replacing a couple windows to name a few) and we’ll just see how much we get through during the week. There will also be professional help coming in to service the furnace, sweep the chimney and do some minor electrical work.

This past weekend we began continued our furniture and flooring shopping, including a trip to IK.EA, Mortackyfurniturestore, Dan.ia and a huge flooring place all in cities just SE of Seattle. We now have  a few less places on our list and a few ideas more idea about what we want. Bonus was that I get to include 3 hours and all mileage for reimbursement as work related because I purchased “supplies” (decor items really) for our grad lab/lounge.

I just completed the change of address forms on the post office’s website–paying $5–$1 each per name to make sure my former hyphenated last name, my non-hyphenated often used last name, my new-ish hyphenated legal last name, C’s name and my business name all get their mail forwarded to the new address–after a week of them all being held at the post office while we’re between homes that is…



  1. how exciting! I hope all of your projects go smoothly and you get them all crossed off the to do list.

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