Posted by: Joy | October 27, 2009


I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for a week..a month maybe even.

This real estate thing is some stressful business. After numerous hours sifting through online profiles, three viewing sessions (3, 3 and 6 hours each), walking through over two dozen houses, hours of discussion, a short list and pro/con lists, we wrote up an offer on Sunday night. It was presented by our realtor on Monday morning and we spent a long 24+ hours waiting for a response. Their counter offer was acceptable and we signed today.

This is a house that we went to at the end of one of our after work search. It gets dark here pretty early in the autumn, and it was dusk as we arrived. The family that lives there now was leaving, and it may have helped that when we walked in it was warm and cozy and they had obviously just had dinner. There was homework on the large table in the kitchen and a candle glowing in the bathroom. I loved it right away. By the time we walked through the two upstairs rooms, headed down to the finished basement and poked around a bit before heading outside, it was too dark to really see the backyard, although we could tell it was big and had a nice deck. Christine didn’t love it, but liked it enough that I put it the top of my short list.

On Saturday, we went back to see this house, along with another 11 houses in the area. It was bright and as we walked though I could see us living there, raising a family just as this family has done for the past 9 years that they’ve lived there. C was still not sold, but it did make her top five and we had three that we were seriously considering.

Sunday after teaching Sunday school we went to an open house in a neighborhood we really like. Unfortunately, the house was overpriced, awkward and had too much land to maintain. After coming home and comparing notes on all the top houses, we wrote out an accurate (but ultimately not very helpful) pro/con list. Every house has pluses and minuses (at least in our price range, maybe if we had another few hundred thousand dollars to throw around it would be a different story). In the end it came down to which one we could see ourselves in the future, what house had the most going for it now and potential for the future.

Here it is:


Inspection later in the week. Fingers crossed that goes well and we can move forward.

More to come after I catch my breath!



  1. Cute! Where is it located?

    • In Shoreline!

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