Posted by: Joy | October 12, 2009

real estate reality


They say that sell/buying a home is up there on the list of the most stressful things people do in life. Now I see why.


The original potential buyer that I mentioned so excitedly in this post, dragged out her decision about finalizing the contract from Sunday until Friday when her agent presented a new offer…for 10k less and an impossibly short closing. It was actually quite insulting. We countered and then didn’t hear back.

Good thing C made the house look amazing–while I was at my local conference all day yesterday–because of the three showings we had in the afternoon–while she took Kai on a crazy long walk–we got not only one, but two!, new offers. Both were even better offer than the original offer. We accepted the first one and now have a closing date of 11/16/09. Yay and yikes! This gives us a month to find a new place, put in an offer, get it accepted, get an inspection, close and move. This timeline is very tight and made all the more challenging by our trip to OKC this week. If we don’t put in an offer in the next week or so–including the five days we’ll be gone–there’s the distinct possibility we may have to try to negotiate a later closing or rent-back or perhaps we’ll end up doing some interesting combination of storing the rest of our belongings, taking Kai to my family and staying with people locally for a week or two. Whatever happens it will work out and by the end of next month we’ll be in our new home!

Tonight we went out with our original Realtor and looked at six properties. These were all in the North end of Seattle and in Shoreline, the city just North of here. It was fun to look at actual houses with the ability to actually buy one of them. Unfortunately, only two of the six were really potential homes for us. The first one we saw and the last. The first one was a cute (read small) older bungalow with a large MIL unit (read rental income or possible future daycare) in the daylight basement in a great neighborhood. The drawbacks were the small upstairs bedrooms and the fact that we would need want to renovate the kitchen fairly soon. The last one we saw was a duplex-style townhouse that met all of our requirements, but sadly just didn’t wow us and was in a so-so neighborhood. That one may not even be a possibility, because when we got home it looks like the status changed to pending.

So while we’re gone we’ll be doing some more research about neighborhoods and schools and some “online shopping.”  Then next Monday evening we’ll go out looking based on a narrowed down list and our Realtor’s suggestions. Hopefully we’ll be able to make a quick decision that we’ll be happy with for years to come!



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