Posted by: Joy | October 9, 2009

New Look

If you read my blog via RSS/Reader, my blog has a new look, tagline and header. Click through and check it out!

The picture is one of many taken by C on our lovely trip to the Oregon Coast, that I mentioned here and posted a link to here. This wad a moment that C captured after we crossed a little bridge leading from the beach back to the sidewalk into town. I spotted a dandelion and had to make a wish. (I also love that I’m wearing C’s hat!)

The modification of the tagline is a metaphor for hope-inspired act (appropriate for where we are right now) and to the fact that for me dandelions are now synonymous with C and I and one of my favorite aspects of our journey together. I love doing new things with her–things that one or both of us have never done before–and wishing on dandelions was one got to experience for the first time while we were on a walk with Kai in our neighborhood one day random day. I like that those special moments can be spontaneous and embedded into everyday acts.

For those reasons, we also had to get this onesie from the ladies at The Chronicles of Conception!

So, what do you think of the new look?



  1. Love it!

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