Posted by: Joy | October 5, 2009

Real Estate Whirlwind

As I’ve mentioned before, this summer we spent a good deal of time getting our condo on the market.

Here’s a run down:

  • Chose our Realtor, 7/25/09
  • Rented a storage unit, 7/23/09
  • Packed up most of our belongings 7/24/09-8/23/09
  • Met with a mortgage broker and got good faith estimate, 7/28/09
  • Start getting paperwork together for pre-approval application, 7/28/09
  • Moving day (furniture and boxes) to storage unit, 8/23/09
  • Carpets professional cleaned, 9/9/09
  • Met with the Realtor for final staging consult, 9/9/09
  • Minor electrical work done, 9/10/09
  • Found out Realtor was having her twins early, 9/10/09
  • Met with substitute Realtor, 09/11/09
  • Staging, 09/11/09 and 9/15/09
  • Listing goes live, 9/18/09
  • Open House #1 (while we were on the Oregon Coast), 9/20/09
  • Broker’s Open House #1, 9/23/09
  • Moved gift living furniture set into new storage unit, 9/26/09
  • Open House #2 (we went to the dog park), 9/27/09
  • Broker’s Open House #2, 9/28/09
  • Showing #1, 9/29/09
  • Showing #2 at 11:45am on 10/4/09
  • Showing #3 at 4pm on 10/4/09
  • Offer presented at 7:30pm on 10/4/09
  • Offer accepted (!!!) at 8pm on 10/4/09

Summary: Condo listed on 09/18/09, under contract 10/4/09, Days on market 17!


  • mortgage approval finalized
  • buyer’s inspection this week
  • looking for new place asap–minus the 5 days we’ll be gone
  • (hopefully) closing on 11/30/09
  • Moving!


  1. Best of luck looking for a new place! That is totally the fun part. Are you looking for a condo or a house?

  2. Thanks, Jenny. We’re looking at townhomes and single family homes. We’re making a list of places to visit this week and next!

  3. […] original potential buyer that I mentioned so excitedly in this post, dragged out her decision about finalizing the contract from Sunday until Friday when her agent […]

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