Posted by: Joy | September 21, 2009


After our early morning watching the sunrise and weather change on Saturday, we headed into Seaside for brunch and a walk around town and the Carousel Mall. We popped into a toy store, three candy stores (saltwater taffy and fudge are they local specialties), a sea salt store and a few little shops that cater to tourists. We picked up some souvenirs and candy to take home and share with our friends and family.

We then headed down to Cannon Beach where we stopped at a surf shop. This got C excited about the possibility of renting surf stuff in the future.
The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum (which has a big name for a small place) was just across the way so we walked over and checked it out. I just love these little museums! It was fun because we were able to learn about the history of the area in a fun and interactive way.

Our day at Cannon Beach was a true highlight of our trip. We headed down to the main street and parked near a cool dog store which we checked out before walking down to the beach for a picnic. After eating we spent hours (literally) on the beach which included walking, picture-taking and talking about our ttc plans and live in general right now. It was so nice just to be together at the shore, in the sun, spending the entire day without an agenda other than making it down the beach to Haystack Rock. We got down there in the late afternoon and really enjoyed exploring the tide pools!

After the long walk and all the sun we were ready for dinner. We knew we wanted to have a nice dinner and decided to splurge and go here. It was a divine meal. I started with a glass of Oregon Pinot Gris and a salad of organic arugula and spring greens, sliced Hood River pears and Evonuk hazelnuts tossed with a honey-raspberry vinaigrette and sprinkled with Rogue River blue cheese. For our main course, C had the NY strip steak with grilled sweet onions and a Pinot Noir sauce reduction which was served with potato leek cakes and green beans. I had the appetizer portion of the Dungeness Crab Cakes which are made with fresh herbs, lemon and sweet Dungeness crab bound with a shrimp mousse served with fresh lemon and red pepper aïoli. We finished the meal with crème brûlée served with chocolate shaving straws and nutmeg tea cookies. Simply amazing!

After dinner, we left Cannon Beach and headed back to the Lanai in Seaside. We slept well and on Sunday morning we had tea and toast with fresh raspberries before C headed out for some more morning photography. After I got ready and we packed up our stuff, we checked out. We also made a reservation for the beginning of March (between my and C’s birthdays) for a return 3 night trip! It was a lovely morning and decided to head up the rocky beach to watch some surfers at the point. It was a fun little trek and I was really enjoying it until we got to the spot. Unfortunately, the surfers were rather rude in their territoriality of that point on the coast–apparently it’s a “secret” surf spot with killer waves. I thought this was ludicrous because it’s a public beach and not really hidden at all. We left before being confronted and headed back to the car and back into Seaside.

We had lunch in town and then stopped and talked to the owner of a little Celtic shop about my Scottish heritage and when we should visit Scotland according to the upcoming heritage events. Our last activity in Seaside was a trip to the lovely ice cream parlor where C got an Oreo cookies and cream milkshake and I got a scoop of delicious coconut ice cream on a cake cone. Perfect end to our Seaside trip before leaving in the afternoon and heading North toward Astoria.

Astoria is a quaint little town with a great Sunday Market. We caught the last half hour and I wished we had more time to explore all the booths. After it ended we headed to a few locations from the filming of Goonies. C is a fan and it was fun to experience this with her (and the other Goonies fans/tourists our age). At the Walsh’s house and Data’s house, we could hear loud barking coming from a small marina so we headed down to find docks covered with sea lions. It was fun watching them sun themselves, claim territory and frolic in the water. Upon leaving Astoria we headed over the huge bridge and made our way North on the scenic and windy Highway 101. It takes a bit longer this way than I-5, but was a much nicer drive. We arrived in Olympia at about 7:30pm and had a lovely dinner here. I had a lovely butternut squash lasagna with fried sage leaves and fig gremolata and C had the roasted chicken breast with scalloped potatoes and green beans. Both entrees were served with the Acqua Via salad which was spinach, green leaf, spring mix and shaved cheese lightly tossed with their own vinaigrette dressing. Scrumptious!

The drive from Olympia to Seattle was easy and filled with good conversation and laughter.

Throughout our trip I kept thinking about how much fun it will be to do trips like this with our children. We talked about coming back to certain places and the types of trips and activities we’d like to do in the future. This was one of the best vacations that C and I have taken together and came at the perfect time. Overall, it was a splendid end to the summer.



  1. I just love that area. So beautiful! I’m glad you had a good trip. We always have to stop in at that candy store too. I’m a sucker (ha! No pun intended) for it every time.

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