Posted by: Joy | June 13, 2009

First Day of Summer Vacation

As of 1:49pm today I am done with both school and teaching for the academic year. I submitted my grades and I am free (minus the multiple meetings with advisors, finalizing my IRB application, contacting potential interview participants and doing a bunch of research to start my full lit review) until September.

Today I woke up bright and early (after grading until almost 2 last night) and went to my favorite babysiting-hold out family (now that I’m a busy dou/la I don’t really babysit except for this family and one other). This family, lets call them the  Henrys, are so cute and fun and I love to hangout with the girls (2 and 4) and chat with the parents. They were part of a huge annual neighborhood yard sale event and I helped wrangle kids while the mom and neighbor sold stuff. I then went to drop off essays on campus and made a stop at the bank before heading to a birth do.ula interview. It went well, lovely couple, and even if I don’t get hired it didn’t feel like a waste of the nearly one and a half hours I was there. I picked C up and we went back to the neighborhood that was having the yard sale, had lunch, looked for a couple that were still going on in the afternoon. We walked around and stopped at a few of them. At the first one, C got a shirt and I got a couple books. The second was a bust (although we joked with the owners about a glow worm toy). The third had a pack-and-play that enticed me to check out their stuff and we left with a stack of infant clothes for five dollars.

We then stopped back by the Henrys and helped them close up shop and chatted for awhile before leaving for a stop at TJs (for some bubbly water, snakes and veggies) before heading home. Now I’m just trying to figure out if I want to get started on my to do list, or just sit and relax for a bit without feeling any guilt that I should be doing something else. Ah, summer.

ETA: I fell asleep. Before 9pm. Slept for 9 hours. It was glorious.


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