Posted by: Joy | June 8, 2009

Booked (finals week)

What I did this weekend:

Got dressed and made-up
Went out to a club night our friends promote/dj at and drank and danced for the first time in awhile (other than the wedding)

Slept in
Attended OFD’s tea party in the afternoon (drank tea, ate vegan sandwiches and desserts, had a great time with our friends)
Went grocery shopping (bought a tea ball for my fertili.tea)
Booked a repeat client for at least a few overnights
Wrote while C cooked dinner and did the dishes
Watched a streaming movie with C and then the news
Cuddled in bed

What I’m doing between now and Friday:

Writing four finals:
1. Feminist Research Methods Paper (due today)
2. Core Class Synthesis Paper (due tomorrow)
3. Queer Theory Reading Group Synthesis Paper (due Thursday)
4. Feminism and Film Syllabus and Reflection Paper (due Friday)
Grading final essay exams for my classes (Wednesday to Saturday)

1. A cbe in-service training on building community within cbe classes(tonight)
2. IC.AN monthly meeting (tomorrow)
3. Surgery (Wednesday)
4. Dinner out with C and then couples counseling (Thursday)
5. Advance training on VB.AC (Friday)

It’s a full week, but then I’ll be DONE!



  1. I’m exhausted just reading that list. Sounds like you are going to be one busy lady!

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