Posted by: Joy | June 3, 2009

Confrontation, Trauma, Healing

Confrontation: After last week’s post about avoidance, I’ve begun to confront some of the issues I mentioned. Finals week has begun (whether I like it or not) and one way or another the quarter will end. I’ve slowly begun my three fifteen-twenty page papers and two five-seven page papers, and they’re due next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. As far as the (mainly communication-based) issues in my marriage, C and I have been working on it in the way that has gotten us through rocky times in the past as well as trying a new method, couples’ counseling. I’m looking forward to our first appointment next week in a hopeful way.  As far as implementing a new eating and exercise routine, this will most likely wait until next after the quarter ends and an unbloggable event taking place next week. I’m excited about getting back to swimming, walking, the gym and having more time to cook healthy food. As far as the emotional dilemma I’ve been dealing with, I confronted it in a way that was more about containment than resolution. Right now that seems like the best only approach. The group project constructing a model of a collaborative community space of our creation was successful. I spend some time this past weekend on a few of the myriad household tasks. And this post is a reflection of my desire to blog about not just the fun stuff, but the real life, in a way that feels as close to holistic without feeling too vulnerable.

Trauma: On Monday evening, during a walk in our neighborhood, our dog Kai was attacked by another dog who was unleashed and unfenced. The other dog, a female “pitbull/chihuahua mix” started growling/barking and ran toward us and without warning bit Kai’s belly/hind leg. I tried to pull him out by his leash that I was holding (but she was attached) and the owner came up and grabbed her. It happened so fast. I scooped him up and ran home, bleeding on my clothes (it seemed pretty gory, but luckily it stopped pretty quickly). I called 911, Christine dealt with the people (got contact info and a promise to pay vet bills) and we took him to the emergency vet. Four hours, a shot of dog morphine, x-rays, prescriptions of pain meds and antibiotics and a sore/swollen/limping dog later, we came home and had a long, nearly sleepless night. C took a personal day and we all stayed home to rest together. Animal Control came to take the report for the citation (leash law violation, “property damage” and possible license/rabies violation). We hope we get our $355 vet bill reimbursed, but we’re just glad he’s okay. So now we’re doing half a tablet each of puppy percocet and an antibiotic hidden in peanut butter and served as a snack every 8 hours. He’s stopped limping and his belly wounds seem to be healing nicely.

Healing: I addition to Kai’s healing, there are some others that have begun and will be taking place.  Counseling, my acupunture (starting in two weeks) and new self-care routine are all exciting new developments. Intense personal reflection these past few weeks have allowed me to gain increased perspective about where I am and what I want. I’m taking it one step at a time, enjoying the things I can, getting through the things I have to and looking forward to the things that keep me going.


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