Posted by: Joy | May 27, 2009


Rather than deal with finals (reading a bunch and then writing three fifteen-twenty page papers and two five-seven page papers), issues in my marriage, impementing a new eating and exercise routine, an emotional dilemma, a collaborative group project (constructing a model of a collaborative community space of our creation, we created a youth literary and performance non-profit) or all the myriad household tasks that keep piling up, and rather than blog about some of the more challenging aspects of each of those (many of which could have their own detailed posts that would most likely bore the few readers I have), I’ve decided to write a list of all the things I currently want to do this summer (to be revised at will):

  • De-cluttering, packing and organizing my belongings, my computer files and my life
  • Catching-up on blogs, updating my blog roll and orgainizing my reader
  • Swimming (the next ten week series of one per week, plus the occasional other times)
  • Sewing (especially making a bib, burp cloth and appliqued onesie for my BCFT to send off)
  • Knitting (especially learning to make baby hats for my future clients)
  • Reading (novels!!! and magazines!)
  • Learning to use C’s oldest SLR (so that I can take higher quality pictures, edit them myself and share them here and in real life)
  • Attending writing classes (now I just need to decide between general, memoir or poetry)

Trips, at least three, which may include:

  • Visiting my Nana (for at least a few days of just Joy and Nana time)
  • Down to  San Francisco for 3-7 days to visit BGF D (before he moves to Hawaii)
  • Down to Portland to visit bff D
  • Another possible trip and/or visit that’s still up in the air

Things I will not be doing this summer:

  • Seeing Ani (unless she updates her tour schedule once again and it includes a NW show)
  • Obsessing about school next fall (minus a week where I have to meet with advisers and finalize and submit my IRB application and then later on when I start recruiting potential participants and conducting interviews in late August/early Septempber)

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