Posted by: Joy | May 12, 2009

T ^ 3rd= Tired, Tea, Trying

I’m so tired right now. I know it’s my body fighting off/getting over whatever made me feel sick Sunday evening and yesterday during the day. On Sunday night I slept almost 12 hours and then had a 3 hour nap Monday. Today I’m super tired and want to nap, but then I’d miss swimming. I have about 20 minutes to decide what I’m going to do.

I’ve started drinking the Fertili.tea everyday since I got it (which I must say was very quick and I didn’t realize it comes from my hometown). I’ve been drinking 1 or 2 cups a day right now (it says to drink 2-3/day) and it’s pretty good. At first thought it may need some added sweetener (I tried honey once, then agave once) but I think it’s great by itself so I stopped adding anything (easier that way too). Not sure if it will make any difference, but I enjoy tea and I doubt it will hurt anything.

Still trying to select an acupuncturist. I have some leads on both fertility specialist and community acupuncture options. Now I just need to make a short list and set-up (an) appointment(s) to see what feels like the best fit in terms of provider, services/specialties, location and price.

Also trying to catch-up/finish-up all my school work. Only 31 days until the quarter’s over and only 18 more days of school. Yay!



  1. I know you didn’t ask so I hope you don’t mind my suggestions.

    I go to Acupuncture Northwest and i really like them. They are located on the same block as the Nordstrom downtown and they specialize in fertility. 206.332.0868

    As for a clinic, I and another Seattle blogger both go to Pacific Northwest Fertility Clinic and we really like them although we see different RE’s there. 206.515.0000

    I need to buy some fertili tea but i can’t seem to find it anywhere but online. Did you buy yours in a store and which one?

    Good luck with the hunting!

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