Posted by: Joy | May 11, 2009

Sick Day (Weekend) Recap


Queer Worlds (Queer Theory) Symposium on campus (all day, with a lunch break were I went and taught my classes)
Mid-quarter teaching evaluations
Leave for my hometown


Brunch at our favorite bakery
Trip to the outlet mall by the border look for shoes for C (no luck, but I got a “business” outfit on sale)
Mall to look for shoes for C (no luck)
Met up with LSK
Nana’s house, Mom came and we made dinner
LSK, C and I went out to frozen yogurt


Mother’s Day Brunch Lunch in my hometown with Mom, Nana and LSK
Costco for film developing, step ladder for C’s photography,
Drive home to Seattle
Dinner of left over pizza because we were too tired/hadn’t gone shopping
I started feeling sick/dizzy/achy and tired. Fell asleep at about 8pm


Emailed in sick
Rested with Kai
Graded quizzes
Showered and tried to feel better
Met C and OFD for dinner and sex workshop at the campus q center*
Home to rest

*Perhaps not as exciting as it sounds, but it was fun


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