Posted by: Joy | May 2, 2009

Some things

In no particular order, here are some things that are going on in my life right now:

Grad school is kicking my ass. Not that I’m particularly concerned about it most of the time. I see others in my program–and even more so in some of the PhD programs at my institution–that are stressed about it. Most of the time I’m not too stressed. I’m aware that my procrastination skills tendencies cause most of my temporary feelings of being overwhelmed. I am also aware that in five weeks this quarter will be over one way or another. I’m also aware that my current “no PhD” positioning* leads me to stress less about my gpa this quarter than last when I was in the “yes PhD” camp. I feel like I do too much and yet never enough. In that sense I’m looking forward to being done with school for awhile.

Swimming. I’m taking weekly lesson. I can swim; by which I mean I can cross the length of a pool without life guard assistance. I learned when I was a kid living in Southern California. I never learned classic swimming techniques, proper diving or any of that jazz. So I decided awhile back that I was going to learn them. It’s never too late, right? So on a whim a few weeks ago signed up for classes through the parks and rec. Half an hour once a week for 9 weeks (it’s usually 10 but I signed up after the series started). My instructor is Mike. He and I joke around while I try to improve my swimming skills. It’s a 3:1 student to instructor ratio, but for some reason it’s almost always just one other student. I’m hoping to start going another day a week to practice on my own. It’s weird teaching you body to do something as an adult.

Baby prep. My T SH was crazy low after an adjustment of my thy.roid supplement. That may be why I had a longer anovulatory cycle this past cycle. Damn. The first one I started charting properly too. Readjustment this month and labs again in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular and presumably ovulatory ways.

Huge frickin’ families of multip.les sale today. I went for a very efficient 45 minutes and spent about 40 bucks on a ton of boy gender-neutral cute baby clothes (mainly 0-9 mo onesies and bodysuits outfit things all between .25 and 3$), books (1-2$ each) and a unopened baby sign DVD/book set I’ve been planning to buy anyway. It came out of the business account as “supplies.” I’m almost over the slightly guilty “why am I buying these when I’m not even pregnant yet” thoughts. I need to reorganize the baby hope chest.

C’s getting serious about her photography as a side job which makes me really proud and really happy. She’s photographing our lovely friends’ wedding in a couple weeks, got her domain name to start her business site and most importantly we bought her a new expensive impressive camera. She’s an amazingly talented photographer and anyone lucky enough to have her shoot their wedding, family, pets, products or whatever else are very lucky.

Thinking about moving. I’m already decorating the new place in my head. I know that in addition to any necessary updating/personalization of our new home will be setting the stage for the nursery with paint at least, developing and framing a bunch of C’s work and find the stuff for the baby room art work/decorations I’m going to make/find. I can’t wait to move, but I’m not looking forward to the preparing and selling part of it all. There isn’t a time line yet, but the plan is to organize and pack most of our belongings and put them in storage, re-carpet and stage the condo, send Kai to stay with family and put it on the market with an aggressive sales strategy. We’ll see how that goes.

Kai, our dog, is our precious baby and at times our living PITA. He is super cute and lovey and also has what I am now acknowledging are major behavioral issues. Vet appointment today went okay, but she thinks we need to ramp up our approach a switch from basic dog training techniques (we’ve tried a few) to behavioral therapy.She made a suggestion of a vet that specializes in it and I’ll call to get more info and an estimate on Monday. She didn’t seem exactly confident that it would help, but she suggested we view it as a last ditch effort. Honestly if we can’t afford it and/or if it doesn’t work, we may have to find him another home. As it is, we can deal with it, but if we ever have a toddler Kai will be a liability. It makes me unbelievably sad to even put that into writing.

Funding for next year. The economy has wrecked havoc on my institution so prospects are slim. My ideal would be a grad student position as it covers my tuition. I have already applied for a coveted TA position in a department (one of my undergrad degrees) that is waiting to get final work on budget. My program (and the related grad program in the same school) have consolidated their graduate office assistant positions into one so that’s it’s far more competitive than last year (when I was interviewed but their second choice). The application is due Monday so I need to finish my cover letter tomorrow.  There’s another research assistant position in a department I don’t have a degree in but may have a shot so I’m going to look into as well since it’s due next Friday. In light of the highly competitive pool of potential applicants for each of these and the fact that none of the positions are exactly what I have experience doing in the past, I don’t have expectations for any of them but I guess it doesn’t hurt to apply.

My current position, I love. I feel so much better about teaching CBE now that I’ve taught 25 undergrads twice a week for the past five weeks. We’re having (voluntary) mid-quarter student evaluations and feedback meetings with the office that helps improve education/curriculum. I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited to have the opportunity to address any areas of improvement. Hopefully it will be informative and worst case the eval time coinceides with a symoposium on campus that I’m attending around my classes so it helps logistically.

Friendships are an area I have been avoiding thinking about recently, as I know I am neglecting them something pitiful. In particular there are a few friends that I want to reach out to, but feel that I need to make sure my words and actions can be in sync. Perhaps I should wait for summer. Perhaps I should do it now.



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