Posted by: Joy | March 27, 2009

New stuff

Yesterday my mom came down with Kai. Oh, how we missed him (in all his cuteness and naughtiness)!

She and I spent the day together talking about our trip, lunch, shopping and just a general mother-daughter day. It was fun and one of the first times it’s been just the two of us in a long time. I love my mom and would say that I’m very close to her. She was young when she had me and we’ve been though a lot together, sometimes feeling more like friends than mother/daughter. It is what it is. I’m grateful to know that we can talk about almost anything and that she supports me so fully.

C got home from work and was soooo excited to see Kai. I love seeing them together, playing, cuddling, etc and even though he’s our dog, I can see the kind of mom she’ll be.

Speaking of which, we’re getting closer. Today is cycle day 1 (for both of us!) but it’s my cycle that’s under the microscope (literally and figuratively) this month (as well as the thermometer and opk). This is the month I start really charting and I just made the plunge and upgraded to VIP with FF.

Also, as I’ve caught up on blogs I’ve come across some new ones including eeney meeney miney mommy and Love is Love who have recently received BFPs (and their both here in the NW too)! So congrats to the new parents-to-be!

With the last three days of my break I’m avoiding getting sick (my last client family for awhile have sick twins and I was there last night, fingers crossed my immune system fights it off), reading HP7, trying to organize the house and getting ready for the new quarter and job. This weekend I’ve cleared my schedule and just plan on spending time with C, grocery shopping, movies, cuddling, etc. Then Monday begins a new phase!


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