Posted by: Joy | March 18, 2009

Up North for the night

I’m up North (AKA my hometown, with my family) to drop off Kai before we leave for our trip tomorrow night today (I meant to post this last night bit it didn’t happen). It’s a 1.5 hour drive each way, but well worth the time and gas to know that our baby-dog is well taken care of. We’ve never had him boarded (although I usually get him the kennel cough shot so he can be if needed). The thing is, our dog is not the easiest dog in the world. He’s cute and cuddly a good deal of the time, but he can also be whiny and barky (especially with strangers). I feel very grateful that we have my family who are willing to keep him for a whole week (they’ll be splitting it up) while we’re away.

Since I don’t like to do the drive twice in one day, I’ll be spending the night I spent the night here at my Nana’s. I had dinner with my mom and sister (a lovely meal of grilled fresh sea scallops, freshly made spinach basil pesto, fettuccine, peas and nice warm bread) and then we watched some funny videos online.

After mom and lil sis left, nana and I had a good long conversation. After that I stayed up way to late researching hotels via messager with C who was looking at reviews while I looked and prices and location (it was a funny but very effective process and we booked one that we are both happy with, at least in theory). I then wrote until my eyes blurred and I didn’t trust the sensibleness of my words and went to sleep. Woke up earlier than I wanted to and tried to go back to sleep so I won’t be falling asleep at the wheel on the way home too tired later today.

Nana made me breakfast while I continued to write (research proposal and IRB draft) and I took a break to eat. Just finished it up now.

So the plan is to leave her and stop by my mom’s work to pick something up and say bye, hit the road and head back to Seattle (1.5 hours), run a couple errands, go home to get ready, finish packing and catch the bus to meet C and begin our vacation. 5.25 hours to go!

Itinerary of trip to come.



  1. Hmmm, maybe you and I have the same dog? Twins seperated at birth? Perhaps we should work out a doggy sitting trade since we both have the same issues with our pups 😉

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