Posted by: Joy | March 15, 2009

Media coverage of DP expansion bill

We are eagerly awaiting the expected passage of the current domestic partnership expansion bill. It already passed the Senate and just needs to pass in the House and be signed by the governor (this is exactly why I was more worried about Gregoire winning in Washington than Obama willing the presidency).

Tonight the local news channel we watch did a 20 minute piece about it. Nothing new in terms of either side of the “debate,” although my three favorite moments were 1.) when discussing the financial implications Senator Ed Murray said that gay people have been paying for the benefits that heterosexual couples enjoy so it’s about time that they were extend to cover them as well, 2.) when they showed a clip of my former gender law class prof in court 3.) when the ridiculous Ken Hutch.erson said that he thinks the “homosexual community owns the State of Washington…the Governor…the senate and the house. They got too much money…” (minute 12:35). Ah, the right-wing and their hyperbole. We’ll I don’t think I, as a member of the “homosexual community” own any of those, but I do love that those that I support are in power in most of those.

We’ll see what happens, but my fingers are crossed that this all ends the way it’s predicted to, and the Ed Murray is right about it only being a matter of years before we get full marriage.


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