Posted by: Joy | March 14, 2009

Two baby boys and a Saturday night out

My most heartfelt congratulations to K and M and Vee and Jay on the births of their sons, Elliott Arthur and BB, respectively.

I met K via an online forum for wedding planning, she and M married the summer before I did and I was amazed at her lovely wedding planning/pictures. I followed her long journey that has led to this lovely place of new parenthood via her blog and check-ins on the forum. While I do not know her personally, I know that Elliott is a very loved baby and lucky to have two such amazing moms.

Vee and Jay are very popular in this blogging community I’ve been exploring/lurking/venturing into this past year or so.
I’ve been following their story for quite some time and I remember their BFP as well. I am so happy to know that they too have a very loved new son.

Congratulations ladies, enjoy your new boys!!!

(Oh, and I think it’s really neat that both babies were very close in size, only 1 oz difference).


Tonight C and I went out to dinner (yes, we’ve been doing this far too often, I’m blaming it on finals) and clothes shopping (I don’t usually enjoy shopping so tend not to do it until I really need something).

We got a hoodie (for C), a blue sweater with chunky buttons and a big collar (for me, sounds odd, but it’s nice), a new super soft blue-green tee (for me), socks (for C), a pair of shorts (for me, for LA/summer), clip-on sunglasses (for C, for LA/summer), a super cute yellow top (for me) and a couple of button up tops, one with green strips and one plain black (for me, for teaching). They were all really good deals (most on clearance) and stuff we need.

We also succumbed to a totally unnecessary but super cute impulse buy, a set of newborn clothes (onesie, pants and a bib) that was on clearance and matches with our other puppy themed items in our hope chest. Maybe I’ll try to get a picture uploaded…


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