Posted by: Joy | March 12, 2009

Overall, a nice day

I read a lot of blogs (even more than my current blogroll lists), but (so far) I rarely reference them on here.
So first off, I want to say:

Congratulations and good luck to all those that have recently had doubling betas, embryo transfers and acceptance letters.

Fingers crossed and good thoughts for those still waiting and  hoping.

Heartfelt condolences to those that have recently had bfns and loss.

I’ve been following many journeys in the last year or so of planning, prepping, pining and I feel so connected to so many people across the internets.

Yesterday I helped with a presentation for a local coalition that works to end bias-based bullying, specifically the type directed at queer people in schools. It was a group of about 45 third, fourth and fifth graders at a local alternative elementary school. It was really fun and made me miss working with older children.

Today was the last day of my feminist theory class. It was a lovely class during which the instructor told us each what she had learned from us (I’m ecstatic to be working with her next quarter!) and we shared what we’re working on for our term papers/research topics.

While I was on campus I also dropped of the employment documents to the department, picked up some cool looking books from the library, chatted with my other former department’s assistant director and stopped by aforementioned prof’s office (I need to think of a nickname for her) to talk about next quarter. She went over the rough draft of the syllabus and gave me desk copies of two of the 5 books (more to come). Can I tell you how excited I am about free books?! So excited. And, the class looks amazing.

Then I gave my cohort-mate a ride to Capitol Hill before getting some snacks for a little solo picnic at the park in the cold but sunny afternoon while I chatted with BGF D.

At 5pm I picked C up from work and we had Thai before I went to the Maybe Baby meeting. I was a presentation of a researcher who’s done work on lesbians transitioning to parenthood. Can’t say there was that much new information, but it was interesting from my point of view as a grad student who will be doing research on same-sex/queer couples (post about that to come)

Almost done with finals (although today I decided to change my term paper). The goal is to have everything done by Monday evening so that I can have a day or two before we leave on Wednesday evening. We’ll see how that goes.


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