Posted by: Joy | March 7, 2009

Dinner Adventure

Interesting day today began with sleeping in (fortunately, we fed Kai late last night after getting back from a lovely triple* b-day dinner with Friend D that concluded with frozen custard and a trip to his new apartment). After staying in bed way too long (but not nearly long enough) I ate leftover Showering Tamarind Tofu before DD picked me up for our carpool to the post.partum CPR training. Two other carpoolee-stops later and fifteen minutes late, we began our refresher course which was by far the most fun (and cheapest) I’ve done in years. Unfortunately I didn’t get home until 6pm (an hour late) and after a couple hours of hanging out (during which time C finished the 1000 piece puzzle she’s been working on) we realized that we’d missed our window of opportunity for a nice home-cooked dinner. Since the roads were clear, we decided to head out for a quick dinner and to run an errand in case it snowed more overnight.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before or not, but we here at MW don’t do too well without food at regular intervals. Anyway, by the time we ran our time sensitive errand, it was already past 8:30pm and we couldn’t decided where to eat. A spat ensued and I decided we were going to go to the place C chose in the next largest city North. Being on the highway already, I decided not to cut over to the freeway. This was not a good choice. I, distracted driving on the highway, landed us in a city about 45 minutes North of our place (rather than the 10 minutes from where we were or 15 minutes from our house that the original destination would have been). Once I realized just where we were (thanks to wal.mart and a glance at the clock), I pulled off at the first restaurant, applebeees. The last time I went to one of these was over 5 years ago and I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but C didn’t care as long as it was food and the happy hour sign convinced me, so we went in. Luckily it was a far-better-than-I-anticipated dinner (not happy hour) and very fun dessert (“shooters,” one with oreo chocolate mousse and one with key lime pie).

One the way back, it began to hail, due to confusing signage I accidentally got on the freeway going North, then got off and had to go even farther North, before finally getting back on heading South for the 45 minute drive home, 20 of which was in quite the hailstorm). Home just after 11pm, to a warm house, our dog and best of all our bed.

3 years, 8 months today and still having crazy “adventures” (In my family we say we’re on an “adventure” whenever we get lost, because one time when I was very young and my nana was driving somewhere she said, “No, we’re not lost, we’re just on an adventure.”)

* triple, because my birthday was last Saturday, D’s was this past Tuesday and C’s is this coming Tuesday.


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