Posted by: Joy | March 2, 2009


In the last two weeks, in addition to normal school and work stuff, I have:

  • gained a new baby cousin, a boy, who lives in Germany with my uncle and his wife until 2010 (maybe we’ll have a baby cousin for him to play with shortly after their return)
  • seen baby boy cousin via emailed pictures and skype (love how technology eases the distance)
  • talked to this year’s group of Cape Town study abroad participants
  • had dinner with my mentor G, who said afterward how much she likes talking with me, awww
  • attended a colloquium about queer studies at my university
  • finalized a group proposal for a directed theory reading group on queer theory/studies next quarter
  • had happy hour with 2 of my 3 queer cohort-mates
  • registered for spring quarter classes
  • bought tickets for our L.A. trip
  • received tickets to see a taping of the Ellen show and Jeo.pardy
  • was offered and accepted a TAship for a 200-level course next quarter*
  • attended a natural fertility tips workshop with a local acupuncturist and ND/Midwife
  • attended this month’s Maybe Baby potluck with C and some of our favorite people in the group
  • taught a UUC kindergarten class about our church and planned the rest of the year’s sessions
  • had an ob/gyn exam and was reminded that I really like this doctor
  • hung-out with friend D including pho and used bookstores
  • attended a roundtable/panel discussion about feminist academic administrators
  • turned in an application for TAships next year in one of my undergrad departments
  • had my longest cycle in memory (34 days)
  • went with C and Kai to visit my family for the weekend
  • turned 26


* this is such an amazing and unexpected turn of events. Next quarter I’ll be a teaching assistant in one of my undergraduate programs. The instructor is the one that is currently teaching my grad class on feminist theory and is someone I really admire. She knows I’m interested in teaching in the future and I know I’ll learn a lot from the experience. It’s also especially wonderful because the position covers my tuition, benefits and a nice monthly stipend. I’ll be attending the lectures M/W and leading two discussion sections with 25 students each on Fridays as well as planning meetings, grading and office hours it will be roughly 20 hours per week total. I’ve decided not schedule any clients during the quarter, so as soon as I’m done with my current overnight client and back from our vacation, I’ll be focusing on school and teaching. Yay!


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