Posted by: Joy | February 17, 2009

Three day weekends, how I love thee

I think I’ve spent more time with C in the past three days than I have in the past three months…well, may not three months, but pretty close. It’s been amazing. After the seemingly anti-climatic (not really though because I didn’t have expectations) Valentine’s night, we had a lovely Sunday together. I skipped church to stay home with C (good week to do so to as there were only 3 students and the co-teacher had it covered) and we had such a nice lazy day together. In the evening, we decide to go on a dinner adventure and ended up at a barbeque place which felt like we were in The South rather than 10 minutes North of our house on the lake. The food was good and the adventure was fun. I especially enjoyed coming home with it. We watched our Sunday night shows and cuddled for a bit before I headed out to my overnight.

This morning, it was so nice when I got home and C didn’t have to leave for work. We were both wide awake for a bit and then napped together until the early afternoon (she may have gotten up for a bit, but I was sound asleep so I don’t know). When I woke up, I got a call from my mom to let me know that my uncle’s wife is in labor. They’re living abroad (my uncle’s in the military) and we’ve been following their pregnancy via email and skype calls. They’re having a little boy and we’re all very excited as for a long time we didn’t think they would have kids. His edd was my birthday, February 28th, but it looks like he’s coming today or tomorrow. My nana’s really cute. She made him a lovely baby quilt and sent it off in the mail. She recently bought a new quilting machine so she can do more quilting and she’s excited to make our future baby a quilt too. Today, when I was talking to her about the baby’s arrival, she said, “well, it’s your turn next.”  I’m looking forward to hearing that everything went well with the labor (I helped them with reading recommendations, info and some other random advice) and learning his name (it’s been a secret, which is so fun/frustrating and makes me aware of what others will feel when we keep our name(s) a secret). I told my nana to call me whenever they call her, so maybe during the night and maybe tomorrow, doubtfully much longer as she’s delivering in the hospital.

Looking at the week ahead, I don’t have my nanny gig this week (thanks mid-winter break) but I do have a group presentation tomorrow in class and then most likely another intense session for my core class. So glad I don’t have to overnight tomorrow night either. I have to do a practice interview and I’ve chosen to interview C as it will be interesting and super convienent.


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