Posted by: Joy | January 15, 2009


Slept after the birth and breakfast.

Woke up in time to catch my bus to class which included a good discussion on race/racism both colonially and contemporaneously.

Afternoon busy-ness and bus snafus ended in meeting C in the park-and-ride and a hand-holding walk back home.

Quick turn around to get to the first SSC anti-racism group where exciting stuff is now in the works.

Met C and our friend’s D and  F (who’s leaving to travel the world) for CrayonPhysics, pubfood and so much humor I nearly choked to death.

Came home for my BPMD*: 5 minutes cuddle-time with C before heading out for my overnight.


Footnote: *BPMD is a new feature in the same vein as this already narcissistic blog. Since I’ve been posting pretty much daily, more for myself than any potential audience, I’ve decided to chronically the Best Part of My Day.



  1. hi. i just wanted to say that i’m part of your actual audience. i kind of feel like i’m in a similar place as you – though i’m only starting to apply to grad schools, ach – i read a lot of queer ttc / parenting blogs, though i’m still pretty far away from that myself, it’s what takes up a lot of my thoughts. it’s encouraging to see someone mapping out the long-before (and not-so-long also) process, so thanks.

  2. Thanks, it’s lovely to know others are reading (and potentially even benefiting) from this random assortment of thoughts a throw out. Good luck on the application process (I’d offer advice, but I think my experience has been a fluke) and feel free to comment or email whenever…

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