Posted by: Joy | January 12, 2009

My Mondays aren’t Mondays

Currently, my Mondays aren’t Mondays. That’s because my week starts at 11pm on Sunday nights when I got to my current twice weekly (Sun/Thurs) overnight. I get home at 7:15am to C getting ready for work and my baby-dog ready to go back to sleep with me. After making my nest in the bed (when C’s not there I like to cocoon myself with pillows) and sleeping until noon, I get up to start the week.

Today I had an interview at 3pm with a potential client. It went well and I was hired for a February birth and post.partum package. (This continues the trend that just when I start to think about the fact that I’m not booked after this client, something else seems to come along.) After the interview, I headed up to Capitol Hill to get my blood drawn to check my Vitamin D re-checked. The wait at the lab and then the pharmacy gave me time to read some more of Colonialism/Postcolonialism. Then I chatted with my Nana on the phone for a bit before heading over to Broadway. My plan was to stop by the bank and then grab something to eat before 6pm, but as soon as I parked and walked across the street I ran into one of my fellow queer cohort members. He lives in that neighborhood, but it was an unexpected meeting. We ended up running errands together while talking about our readings and homelessness. Errands turned into a quick dinner over conversation that was so engrossing I left when I was supposed to be at my next destination. I am a big believer in punctuality, but also in living in the moment (especially this moment which involved giving someone helpful feedback/advice).

Luckily my next destination was only 5 minutes drive away and I was actually the first to arrive at a training, which while overall not a waste of time, was in some ways redundant information. That’s okay though, because it’s for an organization that I’m very interested in being involved in and involvement means improving/expanding a skill set I’m very interested in improving/expanding (public speaking about challenging topics). The training ended a bit early and my favorite part of my day had arrived…heading home. Now I get to delve back into my theory before class tomorrow, oh, and I get to sleep in my bed with both C and Kai.


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