Posted by: Joy | January 11, 2009

January Saturday

Early rise to get to all day cbe assistantship

Library to read the amazingness that is this

Met* C to eat this

Home to fall asleep at 8pm (was it the “itis”?)

Awake at midnight by C’s lovely cuddles

Back to sleep (soon)

* by met I mean she came up to me in the huge lobby of the central library and stood next to me until I turned around. This is something she does periodically as part of an on-going series of events where she scares the s**t out of me (you’d think I’d be used to it by now, but now it still works). I screamed (which echoed), then got embarassed, laughed and hurried out onto the street.



  1. i took a post-colonial lit course 3 years ago and it was one of those times in life that i can draw line between what i was like before and what i was like after. i really do see the world completely differently from that semester on.

    i love middle of the night wake-up-cuddles.

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