Posted by: Joy | January 11, 2009

Lovely Sunday

This particularly lovely January Sunday began with the decision to stay home in bed with C and Kai. After some cuddling and a morning nap I got up and got ready to go out to lunch with our friend D. Earlier in the week D had invited me to attend a Gay Tea Party and Live House Show by Rae Spoon and I invited him to have pho with me beforehand. So we met up at his preferred pho place on Capitol Hill and caught up on each others lives since we last hung-out (prior to the holidays and his trip abroad). Pho is so lovely on a winter day and good company and conversation makes it all the better. We finished lunch with time to spare and headed down the street to the “gay bookstore” where we browsed and then came upon a crazy book that we flipped through and laughed at for a good while before heading to the house where the tea party/show was to be held.

The tea party was very cute, D knew most of the other attendees and I knew enough to be comfortable. I got to chat anti-racism with someone I used to work with occasionally and swap book titles for future reading on the subject. There was caffeinated peppermint tea that caused a ruckus, and lovely scones and cookies to munch before the show. Rae was adorable (even cuter than is promo pics on his site) and once he started playing my crush was pretty much a forgone conclusion. His lyrics are very thoughtful (spanning a wide range of topics from his hometown to colonialism), his voice and banter lovely and his guitar playing and added sound effects were captivating. (I couldn’t help but think of C and how much I love when she plays the guitar at home.) After the show, D and I sat in my car in front of his house and talked for a good long time about some important stuff. I headed home feeling appreciative for such a lovely day and such a lovely life, which while not perfect includes opportunities to support queer music and spend time with a good friend.

I brought home the meal that C was craving and it was delish. After some amazing quality time together, our weekend time together was over and I headed to my overnight session. All in all, it was a very lovely Sunday.



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