Posted by: Joy | December 22, 2008

Snow Days, Snow Dates

Wednesday night, shortly after midnight, it began to snow for the second time this week. We knew that another storm was coming, but it was about 16 hours later than forcasted. My week has been one of anticipation and cancellation. Tuesday night, in preparation for my Wednesday daytime clients, we went out and got chains for the car (as well as a new beanie for me and new snowboarding goggles for C, heck it was all on sale, lol). Then even though it wasn’t snowing on Wednesday, my client and I decided that because it might snow, we should postponed. Wednesday during the day I worked on ppd organization committee stuff that I had been putting off until the winter break. I got a lot accomplished before making the decision, with my favorite hold-out babysitting client family, to postpone that gig in the evening. C and I had dinner before I got read to go to my overnight gig. At 9:30pm, as I was heading out, I found out that with chain on I couldn’t get out of my underground garage, but if I took them off I’d likely have trouble getting to my clients house (steep windy driveway that gets really icy) or risk getting stuck there in the morning after freezing temps and the snowfall. So I called the overnight client and we decided that it might be too risky. Glad to stay home and cuddle with C, sad to lose out on the money.

Friday morning C got a message that her work was closed…SNOW DAY! (Luckily, hers is paid time off). We mainly snuggled in bed watching L Word until the late afternoon when we decided to head out. Bundling up, we headed to find some quick food and at our last stop, where C ate her dinner, I ended up having apple pie and soft serve vanilla ice cream. Yummy. We came home and got Kai bundled up and took him out to play in the “field” of snow near our house (it’s actually the park and ride lot that was empty and covered in snow). We had a lot of fun and Kai (who suprisingly loves playing in the snow even though he hates a lot of wet and cold things) ran around with us for about a half hour before we all headed back inside for more Family Cuddle Time.

Saturday we woke up way earlier than I wanted to, checked in with my client and curled up with my current reading-for-pleasure-book (more about it in another post) where I fell asleep. C let me take a nap while she edited photos. I woke up at about 2:30pm and we decided to head downtown to do an errand that was bothering her. After bundling up again, and as soon as we got outside, we realized it was snowing again. It only came down more and more over the course of the hour bus ride (usually about 25 minutes from bus stop to exit). After the 5 minute errand to C’s office, we decided to forgo dinner downtown to avoid the risk of getting stuck and got back on the next bus back to our neighborhood. We settled on having dinner at the uberstraightsportsbar/restaurant a couple blocks from our house. It was a so so meal but we weren’t expecting much and after not having eaten all day it was much appreciated vittles. Heading home in snow that was still falling fast and hard while swirling in the wind, we hunkered down with our little dog and more L Word til the wee hours of the night with breaks while I made organic brownies and banana bread. (Using the oven has the added bonus of warming our small place and is one of the many reasons why we actually hardly ever have a heater on.) Meetings for Sunday canceled, good thing regular Sunday school is on hiatus until January.

This morning, C and I  slept in until my mom called, then watched more L word (yes, it’s become a true Snowed in L Word Marathon). C made a yummy lunch of fried rice and potstickers while I set up my sewing machine and read blogs. We watched some more L Word, cancelled my ppd sessions tonight and tomorrow and made some phone calls before heading out for a late dinner at the así así Mexican place down the street. The highlight was walking home in the snow with a slight buzz from my first-hard-alcohol-drink-in-months-margarita. C was snapping photos so it was nice leisurely walk. We stopped to get toothpaste and make sure that our brother-in-law (actually C’s brother’s wife’s little brother) got off work and headed home. C said the snow was packed enough to cookie sheet (yeah, it’s apparently a verb), picture sledding with but substitute a cookie sheet. The snow was so high it was up to Kai’s chin and we had some fun running through it together. We snapped some photos, so I’ll try to post some of those soon (along with some other photos I’ve been meaning to add). Hopefully these nightly outings and playing in the snow have helped undo at least some of the negative effects of eating out three nights in a row. After getting inside I gave Kai a bath before taking a nice warm shower myself. So nice to get in out of the cold, warm up and get clean.

With this sudden and usual amount of snow, I’ve been thinking a lot about homelessness. Up until this past summer I worked at a homeless shelter for young adults for a couple years. This time of year is always hard, even with the extra emergency shelters and warming stations open, and I’m reminded of all the things I have to be grateful for…a home, winter clothes and boots, food, money to eat out and above all love.

C got an email that her work is closed again tomorrow so the vacation continues…off to watch more L Word.
We’re almost through season 3…


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