Posted by: Joy | December 15, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

So the wonderful day Saturday continued into a wonderful day Sunday and therefore was a wonderful weekend.
After waking up early to determine that it was too snowy/icy to drive to my UU church across the city, we crawled back into bed. Instead of going back to sleep like reasonable people with only 3.5 hours of sleep, we had an extremely lovely hot roll in the hay before getting up for a breakfast of french toast and bacon. After a morning of laziness, I took a nap while C worked on some photo stuff (Have I mentioned that my wife is a fabulous photographer? Well, she is.) After my nap we had grilled cheese and tomato soup (so good on a snow day) and then talked with our mothers via telephone. After watching some L Word, I began making dinner (lemon and lemon thyme roasted chicken with roasted squash, carrots and red potatoes) which we both thoroughly enjoyed. Then the weekend was suddenly over as I kissed C and headed out into the cold night to my overnight ppd gig.




But wait, little did I know on Sunday night, the weekend wasn’t completely over…When I arrived home early this morning, C asked is she should take the day off work. I said yes, she called in and we crawled back into bed together. It was still super icy and cold out and I was glad to know she was home with me rather than battling this crazy weather trying to get to and then wait for her bus. We cuddled and watched the season finale of Dexter (who would have thought a show about a serial killer would be so good?It’s one of the few shows we watch and we’ve watched all three seasons. Love it!) Then my exhausted self and C’s cuddly body slept for a few hours. This afternoon we picked up M, our sister-in law-but-not-really-but-she’s-just-family, with all her x-mas gifts to be mailed and we went to the post office. Two big boxes being shipped across the country–one containing the gifts for our 2.5 year old niece, E–later and we headed to an early dinner (btw when I work overnights I often eat on a really odd schedule) of Mexican food at our favorite (non-taquería) place. Then we went to another independent bookstore, this time the one I used to work at, where we purchased a box of last minute holiday cards, a couple textbooks for next quarter and a book that C’s been wanting for a long time. I was able to easily rationalize that we had to though because we had a 20.% off coupon that expired tonight (Have I said how much I love coupons and getting great deals? Even though I don’t like shopping, I love getting a great deal on something. And yes, I know that just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal). Then, after a brief stop to drop off M, we continued the coupon fueled holiday shopping and headed to the local mall with a 20.% off friends and family coupon to Mac.ys, plus a store credit, which was earmarked to be spent toward my lil sister K’s and my mom’s boyfriend J’s x-mas gifts, 2 tee shirts each and if they don’t like them there’s a gift receipt. On the way home we talked about the commercialization and expectations of the holidays and how glad we are that we’re done with our (small) list. My nana, check. My mom, check. Lil sis K, check. Mom’s bf J, check. Done. Then a short trip home to drop off C and get my overnight stuff (laptop, book, small blanket and pillow) and night 2 of 4 overnights this week (not in a row) began. So I guess the wonderful weekend in finally over. Only 4 more days until the next one…


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