Posted by: Joy | December 12, 2008

Done, Downloads, Deeds

I officially made it though my first quarter of gradate school and now it’s winter break!
After pulling an all-nighter Monday night (with very little sleep the night before, but at least I was working both nights) I was able to finish my portfolio, sit deliriously and hungrily though my last class, eat way to much Mexican food at our end-of-the-quarter-let’s-get-margaritas-after-class-socializing-time I crashed until late on Wednesday. I felt like I needed to rest and recoup my energy during the rest of the day.

Then in the evening, C and I went out with M and W, our “sister and brother-in law-but-not-really (that would be C’s brother’s wife’s twin sister and their little brother, but to us they’re just family). We went out to dinner at ridiculouslyportionedwesternthemedrestaurant where c and i and they each shared two dinners and then we went shopping for our 2.5 year old niece, E. M knows her sizes and some preferences which was helpful. We got her a little pair of jeans and a super cute long sleeved shirt with light teal and brown butterflies on it and a Dor.a the Explora (okay, I know it’s not spelled like that, but that’s how a little girl I know says it) puzzle with butterflies on it. It wasn’t planned; C just like puzzles, they had a crappy selection of 2-year-old-safe ones and we liked the coincidence. I wrapped them up and we’ll be mailing them off tomorrow or the next day.

Today I interviewed with a new client. It was a good, but long (in fact too long for just an “interview”) and I left with at least 12-18 hours booked over the next couple weeks. The goal is to help the baby sleep during the day, teach some soothing techniques and let the mom get out of the house for a bit (to avoid a looming case of ppmd). I think I can help with that. Then tonight at my overnight session with my Mon/Thur family, they asked if I can add another shift each week for next week, the week of Christmas and the first week of January. So when other dou.las are struggling with lack of work, I’m booked to my limit. In fact, if I wasn’t on winter break I would have had to say no to some of it. I feel very fortunate and know that it may not last.

I just downloaded the large package of donor info. It included: Baby Photo, Long Profile, Audio Interview, Temperament Report, Staff Impressions, Short Essay and Facial Features Report. (I decided against the $50 handwriting analysis report, at least for now.) I had already seen the baby photo (but this one was bigger), short essay and even listened to the audio, but it was neat to read the other stuff and to know we have copies for our future kids (every time I think or write that I want to say, “you know unless this doesn’t work out,” but then I remind myself that even though I know this is not at all a sure thing, I should still think positively about it all, I mean really we haven’t even had a BFN yet, let alone tried).

Plans for my free time over the break: read for fun, order books for next quarter, read in preparation for next quarter, write about work, do my business taxes, sew and/or knit something, find out about job I applied to, spend time with family and friends.


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