Posted by: Joy | October 27, 2008

Called the Cryo

So last week I called the and spoke with a lovely Parent Services Representative. I had some questions and then I received some answers. Love when that happens!

First Question: Will your prices be going up in January 1st, 2009?
Answer: Unlikely, as they usually receive notice about 3 months in advance and he hadn’t heard anything about it. (With the economy, I think it would be a bad time for them to up their rates. Oh, and they recently lowered their shipping! I’m crossing my fingers that they stay at the almost-outrageously-priced “Premium” IUI preped vials rate at which they are currently set.

Second Question: Since there are over 25 vials of our chosen donor and we plan to purchase 12 vials, can we make a request for highest quality vials available?
Answer: Sure we can request it although we are “guaranteed” at least 15 million per vial. So, he did not confirm that we will be actually be able to get the “best” vials from our chosen donor, but this is definitely something I’m going to follow up on. One reason I like this idea is that we’re planning on home insems and won’t have a doctor or lab confirming counts on each vial.

*Has anyone else done this? Do you feel that the “best” vials were better than whatever ones they might give you? Should I just trust that they’ll each have 15 million?*

Third Question: We will be getting the 3 years of free storage with the purchase of 12 vials. Can we request an additional 2 years of storage and pay the difference between the 3 year and 5 year storage rates?
Answer: Yes, we can do this and pay the difference at the time of purchase. Although, I’m not sure that we will do this, we are thinking about it. The difference we would have to pay is $425. Two years of storage is regularly $655. So that would be a savings of $230. The reason we are thinking of this is that we will have our vials in storage for about 9 months before we even start ttc, knowing that it could take a while to get pregnant both times and based on the fact that we want our kids to be about 2.5 or 3 years apart, the idea of having 5 years of storage actually might be a bit of a relief (and potentially cheaper in the long run). The other (cheaper upfront) option is to go with the 3 years and then if we weren’t ready to start trying for #2 by early 2012 we could pay for more storage then. For comparisons sake,12 vials and 5 years storage would bring the grand total to $7205, versus 12 vials and three years of storage for $6780. Our current goal is $7k, so $200 more is doable, but I’m still undecided as to whether or not it will be worth it. My other fear is that we will pay all that money and not get pregnant with the 12 vials, leaving us back at square one but with the knowledge that we paid extra for two years we can’t even use.

*Anyone have any thoughts on this? Personal experience you want to share? What did you do? What are you planning on doing?*


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