Posted by: Joy | September 24, 2008

First meme

From Shawn

1. Dylan
2. Dustin
3. For a day and with instantaneous knowledge, a midwife
4. Laura
5. Katie
6. My dad
7. Tessa
8. Ashley
9. Christine (we used to, and I still often try)
11.Me! If that’s not allowed, Dorian.
15.The opposite of the gender they identify as???
18.Hmmmm, not sure I know anyone that fits this.
19.Of what, of anything? Dustin.
24.No one I know, I hope. I try not to hangout with murderers.
29.I’m married and that’s against our rules. If by date you mean, platonic, then Ani.

1. Someone who seems to have a lot of close friends.
2. Someone you’ve known for a long time.
3. Someone you’d like to trade places with.
4. Someone who seems likely to be a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
5. Someone who seems like a chatterbox.
6. Someone who seems to have a lot of wild ideas / fantasies.
7. Someone who seems like they were popular at school.
8. Someone you think you would have been close to if you went to school together.
9. Someone you want to stay up all night talking to.
10. Someone who can look after children.
11. Someone who seems to fall in love a lot.
12. A beauty.
13. Someone who seems like a celebrity.
14. Someone who is girly / manly
15. Someone you want to dress up as the opposite gender.
16. Someone grown-up.
17. Someone childlike.
18. Someone who is like a princess / prince.
19. Someone who seems capable.
20. Someone who has a unique view on life.
21. Someone S-type.
22. Someone M-type.
23. Someone you think of as your boss.
24. Someone who would kill you if you got on their bad side.
25. Someone who seems good at seduction.
26. Someone you think you could seduce.
27. Someone who loves with all their heart.
28. Someone you want to see in cosplay.
29. Someone you seriously want to go on a date with.
30. A message to all the above people.


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